About Us

Our Founder

Sam our owner started building play-sets in 1995 for his own children.  He now has grandchildren who play on the same play-set his children played on.   When you hire Evergreen playsets you hire one of the most qualified play-set designers the industry.  Our founder has a complete education in all phases of construction, so you can rest assured that your property, your design, your ideas can become a real play-set in your yard.  Our founder Sam has created play-sets in areas that no one thought possible.  In turn they have become part of the designs you now see in his play-set designs.  

What happens

We love to come out and transform the back yard into an escape for the youngsters of the family.   You will probably find yourself out in the play-house.   You should also know having a swing set makes every back yard the perfect babysitter for those days you can't make it out to the park.  You will find more time to relax as the kids have a blast on there new Tree fort or play-set. 

Buy your new play-set

When you hire Evergreen Playsets to design and build your new back yard Tree Fort, play-set, Swing set, or play equipment you can expect the highest quality play-set on the market.