Custom Playsets Pricing

Custom playsets built for your family.

  All of our play-sets tree-houses are totally custom made to each clients yard and likes.   When deciding what toys you would like to have on your play-set remember we will install all the toys to work with your yard and your design.  If a toy just will not work in your area we will not add it to your play-set and of course not charging for the toy.  

1st swing and beam  $450

each extra swing $300

8' slide $250 

10' slide $350

Rockwall $350 

Large 9' wall $800

Tire swing $380

Fire pole $380

Rope climb $350

Rope swing $175

Bench $150

Wheel $75

Other bolt on toys; like binoculars, telescope, etc. $75

Trapeze and rings $150

Two for fun glider $290

Under store window $250

Full under fort $850

Monkey bars $900

Suspension bridge $950

Cat walk $880

L deck $700

U deck $1400

Full wrapped deck $1900

Upgrade cabin size $700

4'x4' open fort, roof, ladder, sandbox or benches $1280

6'x6' open fort, roof, ladder, sandbox or benches $1980

6'x6' enclosed cabin, door, windows, ladder, sandbox, benches, and front deck $2480

6'x8' enclosed cabin door, windows, ladder, sandbox and benches and front deck $3380

Pricing includes Labor, delivery, materials, installation, and customizing.  

  The price list includes some of our most popular asked for items.   If you do not see something that you might like just ask.  We can make just about anything you can think of.  

  We also can come out and create a totally custom play-set with your ideas, and some great craftsmanship.   Price is based on board foot and labor.  We are looking forward to working with you and building your new play-set this year.  Let us know if you have any questions.  


  Evergreen Playsets can design, build and install your new play-set in one day for most play-sets.  Getting on the schedule is the first step, we can design your new play-set all the way up to the day of installation.   You can add to your new play-set or take away with no worries it will cost you extra.  We just ask you have a fairly good Idea of what you want when we come out to install your new play-set, we usually only bring enough material for what you order.   We are very good at working with landscape crews and any other obstacle that might be in the way on the day of installation.   Most installations take one day, this depends on the size of your design.  Most installations are included in the pricing sheet unless you have a extra extraordinary property that will take lots of extra labor.          

Installation includes all labor, delivery, materials, installation and custom built to your yard and likes.  Sales tax is not incl

Custom Built Play-sets.

Evergreen Play-sets takes the custom side of a play-set construction process to a whole nother level for our young families.   We are sure if you have found our service you are looking for the most creative use of your property, Ideas, wants, and of course those must have components for the perfect back yard play-ground.    Our Founder has been designing play-sets for the most active, creative, size restrained, diverse,large to small families for over 20 years in the Seattle area. 

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