Custom Built Playground equipment.

Installation process

After your first contact with us we will ask for you to send us a picture or pictures of the area you are wanting to put the play-set.  If you need we offer free in home consultation to look at the yard and go over what will work in your space.   We then design the best play-set for your family and yard with the information you have given us, the toys you want, and the design you have chosen.   We bring all the materials out to your home and go over installation, placement of toys, and how we can best utilize your space with the play-set you have chosen.   We install most play in one day.  We build every play-set to your yard and your likes.  So you usually will not have any soil work needed to level your yard.  We also provide all of this if needed. Most play-sets are built to your yard.   Your children are playing the same day!

What if I have a small space?

Don't worry!  We pride ourself on being able to put full play equipment in the smallest of areas.   Our owner and designer has placed some of the best functioning play-sets in the smallest of areas.   We want the challenge to get it all for you and make it look and play the best.

How much does a play-set cost?

That is up to you and your family.   We offer play-sets for the tightest budget.  We install every play-set so you will want to keep that in mind when looking at pricing.   If you want to get a price quote for your play-set we offer that free of charge to all of our clients.    Do remember our Play-sets and Play-ground equipment are made in  the great Pacific Northwest with the highest quality materials.  

What materials are used.

We build our play-sets with your choice of materials.   Most of play-sets are built out of Cedar, Douglas Fir, Or Redwood.   We offer a price for all three types of materials.     Our #1 Choice of wood to use is Douglas Fir with an oil treatment you put on every  couple of years.  This makes it a beautiful tone that looks great.   For a higher end look and less maintaining we recommend going with all cedar.  Keep in mind that a full cedar play-set will cost more to purchase and will not last any longer than a Douglas Fir Play-set. 

What kind of Toys do you offer?

We offer anything you can imagine. swing set tree house in Seattle Playsets in Seattle and playground equipment We offer all of our slides, swings, and other toys in just about any color.   Do keep in mind if it is a color that is not a primary color we might have to special order one in.   If that is the case this could make your installation date further out than you might like.   If you have your own toys to add to your swing set we would love to help put those on the play-set for you.  So shop away and get what you want.   We love to build your structures and let you add toys as the years allow more and more as the kids get bigger.  

Can I make my play-set bigger later?

Of course you can always add to your play-set over the years.  We love to add now forts, bridges to forts, monkey bars, swing spots and just keep adding.    We build all of our play-sets and can add to any of structures at a latter date.    We usually do not add to any pre-made play-sets that come from a box.   Being as those play-sets usually are made from a lesser materials and will not hold up to our requirements.       But it never hurts to ask us if we can.   We have worked with other products in the past.